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Rules and Regulations

All our shows are for the enjoyment of everyone young and old

Therefore we will be making sure everyone has fun in a safe enviroment

Staff will be checking costumes and weapons on the way into shows

if the staff considers you breach any rules/reg you will not be allowed in until

you arrange a way of changing the problem.

Costumes must be of a size that covers the persons private body parts, no nudity is allowed at all.

Any breach of our rules you will be asked to leave without refund.

The following is a list of some of the items FORBIDDEN at the event.

We will not allow them to enter the event at ANY TIME.

Please leave them at home, we shall not let them pass

  • Fire weapons - Real Guns, Functional Air Soft, BB Guns, Paintball Guns, Pellet Guns, Cap Guns etc.

  • Metal-bladed weapons - Daggers, Swords, Kunai, Axes, Knives, Blades, etc.

  • Projectile Weapons - Functional Slingshots, Crossbows, Water guns, Long bows, etc.

  • Explosives - Firecrackers etc.

  • Blunt Weapons - Nunchaku, Clubs, Bats, Brass knuckles etc.

  • Hard/Overweight Props- Items made of or covered with Metal, Fiberglass, Hard Wood, Glass and other dense or heavy materials that may cause harm

  • Oversized Props - Props over an average size of 5’ in length or measuring over 3 square feet (3’ x 3’)

  • Skates, Roller Skates, Skateboards, and/or any other similar item

  • Prop weapons will be allowed at the event, but they must be checked upon entrance and are subject to check any time. To save yourself time we recommend you to work your props with light materials only.

  • All props must have smooth edges

  • In the case of firearms props, we recommend that the weapon's barrel should be covered with a bright color cap. If it looks "fake", you will not have any problems entering the event with your prop

  • Alcohol/ being drunk

  • Body odour (shower and use deodorant please)


  • Non realistic weapons

  • Replica firearms with a red/orange tip
    The tip must be clear and visible from a distance

  • Unstrung or loosely strung bow

  • Coiled and secured whips

  • Plastic  / foam LARP weapons

  • Props longer than 6ft accompanied by an experienced spotter

  • fantastic costumes

Code of Conduct

Everyone has the right to say NO

Everyone has the right to feel safe

We will not  tolerate any harassment of any kind

 keep your hands to yourself

ask to photograph anyone

Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated

Inappropriate comments will be treated the same as harassment 

We have a zero tolerance for nudity (no one wants to see you)

If your cosplay is revealing or seems revealing you will be asked to cover up or to leave

We reserves the right to check any prop and/or weapon during the event for the purpose to protect other event attendees. We reserves the right to change partially or completely these rules and regulations at any time without notice.



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