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For all trader or exhibitor enquiries please email Please provide contact details and website

 We will reply within 72 hrs if at an event or within 48hrs otherwise so can check available spaces for you and ask any questions.

Please note we have a strict policy on not allowing counterfeit goods and they will be removed.

Please make sure you have your own public liability insurance.

Exhibitors please email us with information.



For all other events it is the same just edited in the terms and conditions on the booking link so you can see the change in venues /names as relevant to the event.

Terms and Conditions for Exhibiting at London  Comic Con and Gaming Festival
1. Rights and Definitions
a) The Organiser reserves all rights in connection with the London Comic Con and gaming Festival 
b) In these Terms, the following expressions shall have the following meanings unless the context require
“Contract” means the contract for Stand Space at the Exhibition entered into between the Organiser and the
Exhibitor, which incorporates these Terms and any other relevant document referred to in the Terms.
“Exhibit” means any article so described by an Exhibitor and permitted by the Organiser to be exhibited.“Exhibition” or “London  comic con and gaming Festival Event” shall mean the Exhibition known as London  Comic Con and Gaming festival to be held in the
period of 29th and 30th April 2023 at Evolution London in Battersea Park“Exhibitor” shall include all employees, officers, sub-
contractors’ representatives and/ or agents of any company, partnership, firm or individual to whom space
has been allocated for the purpose of participating in London Comic Con and Gaming Festival
“Furniture” shall mean any furniture hired by the Exhibitor from the Organiser for the duration of the Exhibition.
“Landlords” shall mean Evolution London, their employees, officers, sub-contractors and/or agents.
“Organiser” shall mean LONDON COMIC CON AND GAMING FESTIVAL  / UKCGF , and its directors, employees, sub-contractors, representatives and/or agents.
“Stand Space” shall mean the space licensed to the Exhibitor by the Organiser as allocated by the Organiser in its discretion (subject to alteration in accordance with these Terms).
“Terms” means the Terms and Conditions set out below.
“Enchantment Events/UKCGF  Email: or as otherwise advised by the Organiser to the Exhibitor

c) The Contract (and any relevant documents referred to in these Terms) represents the entire agreement between the Organiser and the Exhibitor in connection with the subject matter set out in the Contract.
d) These Terms are the only conditions upon which the Organiser is prepared to deal with the Exhibitor and shall govern the Contract to the entire exclusion of all other terms and conditions. No terms or conditions endorsed upon, delivered with or contained in the Exhibitor’s order, acknowledgement, acceptance note or similar document shall form part of the Contract and the Exhibitor waives any right which it might have to rely on such terms and conditions.
e) The headings in these Terms are for information only and do not form part of or affect the interpretation of these Terms.
2. Allocation and Licence of Stand Space a) The Stand Space is licensed to the Exhibitor on a non- exclusive basis in accordance with these Terms. The term of this licence shall be for the duration of the Exhibition (and for such reasonable time spent in setting up and promptly removing the Exhibitior’s stand and other material from the Stand Space after the Exhibition has concluded in accordance with these Terms) or until the licence is otherwise terminated or cancelled in accordance with these Terms.
b) The Exhibitor is not permitted to sub-license the Stand Space allocated to it, either wholly or in part, or
otherwise part with or share possession of all or any part of the Stand Space without the prior written consent of the Organiser in accordance with Clause 4 (Co-exhibitors) in these Terms.
c) In addition to the Organiser’s other rights set out in these Terms, the Organiser reserves the right to determine, and if it deems necessary, alter at any time and at its sole discretion:
(i) the location and/or size of the Exhibition;
(ii) the opening hours for the Exhibition;
(iii) the term or duration of the Exhibition;
(iv) the date or dates on which the Exhibition is to be
(v) the Stand Space allocated to the Exhibitor and its
(vi) the layout of the Exhibition generally;
(vii) the entrances and exits to and from the Exhibition;
(viii) any and all other technical or administrative details
in respect of the Exhibition.
d) The Organiser will use reasonable endeavours (where possible) to notify the Exhibitor of any changes or alterations to the Stand Space, its location or the
Exhibition as a whole which materially and detrimentally impact on the Exhibitor’s rights under this Agreement. The Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that such changes and alterations may be required to be made by the Organiser to benefit and safeguard the
alue of the Exhibition as a whole.
e) The Organiser will use reasonable endeavours (where possible) to resolve disputes, however, the Organiser accepts no responsibility for loss or damage from an error in the Exhibitor’s allocation of Stand Space or encroachment by one Exhibitor’s stand into the Stand Space allocated to another.
3. Stand Alteration
a) The Organiser reserves the right (in its entire discretion) to modify the layout of stand sites and aisles.
b) The Organiser reserves the right (in its entire discretion) to require Exhibitors to make such alterations to their stands, or to the arrangement of
Exhibits, as they reasonably feel necessary to maintain an acceptable standard of presentation or to avoid interference with the stands of other Exhibitors.
4. Co-exhibitors In exceptional circumstances, the Exhibitor may, subject to obtaining the prior written approval of the Organiser,enter into an arrangement with third parties, known as Co-exhibitors, to share the whole or part of its Stand Space. When entering into such an arrangement with a Co-exhibitor, the Exhibitor shall ensure that the Co- exhibitor agrees in writing to comply with these Terms and for this purpose, the reference in these Terms to Exhibitors shall be deemed to include Co-exhibitors.
a) Only one company will be recognised as the principal stand holder (or main Exhibitor). This will be the company with which the Organiser has a contract for Stand Space. All other companies sharing that Stand Space will be referred to as Co-exhibitors.
b) The main Exhibitor will be the only company to be dealt with and invoiced by the Wyntercon Office.
c) Where practicable Co-exhibitors’ names, if supplied well in advance, will be included in published Exhibitorslists.
d) The main Exhibitor shall be jointly and severally liable for the compliance by the Co-exhibitor with these Terms and for any damage, loss, cost, charges and expenses whatsoever, caused caused directly or indirectly by the co-exhibitor.

5. Product Promotion off and away from the Stand Space Product, service or company promotion, including sales and leaflet distribution, off or away from the Exhibitor’s
Stand Space is prohibited unless the following conditions are complied with in full:
a) The Exhibitor must have the prior written approval from the Organiser for promotion off and away from their Stand Space. Such requests for approval must be submitted in writing at least 30 working days before the Event.
b) The Exhibitor’s request must indicate where and when, and with how many people involved at any time they wish to undertake the promotion. If the promotion includes the distribution of materials, the nature of those materials must also be described in the Exhibitor’s request and approved by the Organiser.
c) The nature of the promotion activity must be non-aggressive and ultimately in good taste. The Organiser’s judgement of which will be final and binding.
6. Product Demonstrations and Presentations
a) No Equipment may be operated which emits excessive noise or causes electrical interference or other annoyance. In this matter the decision of the Organiser is final.
b) The use of microphones and amplifiers or other public address systems on the Exhibitor’s stand is strictly prohibited. The Organiser reserves the right to demand the removal of such equipment if found on a stand and/or turn off the power to the stand in question.
c) Exhibitors are not permitted to shout to attract visitors to their stands or otherwise call out from their
Stand Space.
7. Hire of Furniture
a) The Exhibitor undertakes to return all Furniture in good condition at the end of the Exhibition.
b) The Exhibitor is responsible for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing any case of damage done to the Furniture during the hire period, howsoever caused.
c) The cost of replacing lost or damaged Furniture will be charged to the Exhibitor in full.

8. General Obligations of Exhibitors
Without prejudice to the other obligations of the Exhibitor under these Terms, the Exhibitor undertakes
to comply with the following obligations:
a) not to Exhibit or advertise any article, thing or other matter, which in the opinion of the Organiser is of an obscene, offensive or objectionable nature;
b) not to conduct business in such a manner as to be in the opinion of the Organiser objectionable to any other Exhibitor, visitor or the Organiser;
c) not to do, cause or suffer on the Stand Space anything which shall, in the opinion of the Organiser constitute a nuisance or which may be an infringement of or occasion or render possible a forfeiture of or an endorsement on any licence held by the Organiser or the Landlords;
d) to keep good order at the Exhibition venue and not to create, cause or permit any excessive noise at the
Exhibition venue or within the immediate precincts thereof which might cause annoyance to nearby residents;
e) not to do, cause, permit or suffer to be done anything which may occasion damage, disfigurement or injury of any kind to the Stand Space or the Exhibition venue or to the person or property of the Organiser, Landlord or any other Exhibitor or visitor;
f) without the Organiser’s prior written consent, not to make any changes to the Exhibition venue including for instance bill posting, hacking, breaking, drilling, sticking, screwing, tacking, pinning and nailing and/or painting on or to fixtures, fittings, floors, walls, ceilings, lighting,
heating, columns, gangways, stairs, seating and the like;
g) not to permit any wax, powder, water or other substance to be placed on any floor at the Exhibition venue;
h) not to permit any flammable or explosive substances, gases and hazardous goods (including chemical pesticides and insecticides) and foul-smelling substances or radioactive sources to be brought into the Exhibition generally unless the Organiser has given its prior written consent thereto;
i) to ensure that products presented, present in or sold from the Stand Space are of marketable and satisfactory quality and at all times meet the statutory and other applicable requirements and regulations including but not limited to the United Kingdom and European Union
Consumer Laws with regards to safety, fair trading, price display, food and weights & measures and all
Trading Standard legislation, the Organiser reserves the right to remove any product from sale deemed unsafe
or unsuitable for sale; j) to ensure that any services provided, and statements
made about services provided should comply with trading standards legislation;
k) not to permit any unauthorised goods to be presented, present in, sold or given away from their
Stand Space. Such unauthorised good include: items deemed as weapons (including knives, crossbows, airguns or catapults), livestock, live fish, caged birds, dogs, pets, lottery, raffle or gaming tickets, event branded souvenirs, tobacco products, adult toys or games, radio or radar equipment (without prior authorisation), age-restricted products or any other item deemed unsuitable by the Organiser or the Police.
In specific circumstances exceptions may be permitted by prior written consent from the Organiser;
l) not to use open, running and/or atomised water in its Stand Space or elsewhere without the prior written consent of the Organiser;
m) to keep all entrances, exits, gangways, staircases,pass doors, open spaces and passages clear and unobstructed;
n) not to permit signs or projections to be hung over gangways or open spaces or in any way to affect neighbouring displays;
o) to remove immediately upon demand any Exhibit which in the opinion of the Organiser is outside the scope of the Exhibition;
p) to keep readily available at all times all consents, permissions and authorities issued by the Organiser required under these Terms together with all policies of insurance and produce any or all of the same to the
Organiser on demand.
9 Exhibit Removal
a) Exhibits may not be removed from stands during show hours without prior written approval of the
b) Should an Exhibitor fail to vacate their Stand Space or premises by the times specified by the Organiser, such
Exhibitor shall be liable to indemnify the Organiser forany losses, damages, charges or costs incurred by the
Organiser as a result thereof.
c) Should an Exhibitor fail to remove all litter and waste material from the immediate area of their Stand Space when vacating their Stand Space, such Exhibitor shall be liable to indemnify the Organiser for any losses, damages, charges or costs incurred by the Organiser as
a result thereof and may jeopardise any future Stand Space applications.
10. Damage to Exhibition Areas
a) The Exhibitor is responsible for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing any case of serious dilapidation to the Exhibition venue or any part thereof caused by the Exhibitor. The Organiser will inspect every site before erection and after demolition of the stands. Dilapidation includes (by way of examples only) marks caused by paint, bolt, screw, nail holes, pin holes, adhesives, sticky tape, bluetac, carpet tape, etc. In the
Exhibitor’s own interest, the Exhibitor should satisfy itself as to the condition of its site both before erection of the stand and after clearance.
b) Exhibitors shall indemnify the Organiser and the Landlords against any claim made against them in respect of damage whether to the Exhibition venue structure or property or otherwise, caused by Exhibitors’ stands, Exhibits or staff, or by agents acting on an Exhibitors’ behalf. The Organiser and/or the Landlord may in its discretion at the Exhibitor’s account
make good any damage inflicted.
11. Insurance and Indemnity
a) Public Liability Insurance. Exhibitors must hold Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of £3,000,000 (three million pounds). 
b Exhibitors are responsible for all third parties associated with their
stand and for ensuring relevant insurances are held. For the avoidance of doubt, should an Exhibitor fail to provide such a certificate of insurance within the timescale specified in this clause 11 then the Organiser reserves the right to terminate the Contract in
accordance with clause 22 of these Terms.
b) Third Party Claims. Except for negligence on the part of the Organiser, the Exhibitor (and not the Organiser,so far as is permitted by law) is responsible for all personal injury or death or damage to property arising in connection with the erection or the construction and dismantling periods caused directly or indirectly by the Exhibitor or any contractor, sub-contractor, employee, agent, licensee or invitee of his or the act, omission or neglect of any such person or by any Exhibit, machinery, or other article or object of the Exhibitor or in the possession of or use by the Exhibitor or any employee, contractor or agent of his. The Exhibitor will indemnify the Organiser in respect of each and every such claim
and all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and demands in respect thereof. The Exhibitor must take out
adequate insurance in respect of all such claims and for the avoidance of doubt, the Organiser shall be under no obligation to make any refund or repay any payment already made by the Exhibitor to the Organiser.
c) Exhibitors’ Staff etc. and Exhibits at the Exhibition. Except for negligence on the part of the Organiser, the Organiser shall not (so far as is permitted by law) be responsible in any way for personal injury or death to the Exhibitor or his contractors, subcontractors,
employees, agents, invitees or licensees howsoever caused nor for the loss of or damage to Exhibits or to other property of the Exhibitor, its contractors, sub-contractors, employees, agents, invitees or licensees howsoever caused and the Exhibitor shall bear the sole risk in respect thereof. The Exhibitor must take out adequate insurance in respect of all such claims.
d) Exhibitors to insure themselves against abandonment, cancellation etc. of the Exhibition.
Exhibitors are advised to insure against costs and losses which they may incur in the event of the Exhibition being abandoned, curtailed, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part for causes not within the Organiser’s control or for the failure or inability of the Exhibitor (including its contractors, sub-contractors, employees, agents, invitees and/ or licensees) to attend all or part of the Exhibition, since the Organiser accepts no liability
in any such eventuality. The Exhibitor must ensure that any Co-exhibitor is aware of the provisions of this clause
e) Product Liability Insurance. Exhibitors are advised to insure against claims arising out of bodily injury and/or property damage caused by the display and/ or demonstrations of their products in whatever form or
for whatever reason.
f) Certificates. An Exhibitor shall produce to the Organiser on demand certificates of insurance required by an Exhibitor to be taken out pursuant to these Terms.
g) Indemnity. The Exhibitor shall indemnify and keep the Organiser indemnified against all losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses whatsoever (including contingent, indirect or consequential loss of profit) arising from or in consequence of:
(i) any breach by the Exhibitor of any of the terms and conditions of this Contract;
(ii) any loss suffered by the Organiser as a result of default or negligence by the Exhibitor; and
(iii) any liability to or claim by any third party including the employees, contractors, agents or invitees of the Exhibitor arising from the default or negligence of the Exhibitor or any breach by the Exhibitor of the terms and conditions of this Contract.
12. Limitation of Organiser’s Liability For the avoidance of doubt, the provisions of this Clause shall be without prejudice to and additional to the other terms and conditions of the contract.
a) If by reason of or in consequence of any Act of God, war, riots, insurrection or civil commotion, terrorism, cyber terrorism, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination, sonic boom, outbreaks of infectious or contagious diseases, illnesses or epidemics, governmental regulations, legal restrictions, national and international embargoes, strikes, labour disputes, fire, flood, tempest, cancellation or curtailment of
transport to and from the Exhibition failure or neglect of any body or authority to supply electricity, power, gas or water, default of any supplier or sub-contractor, requisition of the Exhibition hall by any national or local authority or any threat thereof or any other cause beyond the control of the Organiser (including the Landlord’s failing to make the Exhibition venue available for force majeure reasons), the Exhibition is cancelled, postponed, abandoned, interrupted or prematurely concluded, or held on a reduced scale or at another venue, or the Exhibitor (including its contractors, sub-contractors, servants, officers, representatives, agents, invitees and/or licensees) is unable to attend or fails to
attend all or part of the Exhibition, the Organiser shall be under no liability to the Exhibitor whatsoever including for any non-performance, delay in
performance or any other loss, damage, claim, cost or expense (including any indirect or consequential loss)
suffered by the Exhibitor or any other party.
b) If by reason of or in consequence of any recognised public health threats as determined by the World
Health Organisation, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Public Health England, UK Government departments or other health agencies (including but not limited to the health threats of COVID-19, H1N1, or similar infectious diseases), cancellation or curtailment of transportation facilities, or other similar occurrences beyond the control of the parties, the Exhibition attendees are prevented or dissuaded from participating in the Exhibition, or it is impossible, inadvisable, or commercially impracticable (in the sole opinion of the Organiser) to hold the
Exhibition or to fully perform the terms of this Contract,the Organiser shall be under no liability to the Exhibitor whatsoever including for any non-performance, delay in performance or any other loss, damage, claim, cost or expense (including any indirect or consequential loss)
suffered by the Exhibitor or any other party.
c) Except in the case of death or personal injury and except for gross negligence on the part of the
(i) the Organiser shall not be liable for any loss or damage, (including contingent, consequential or indirect loss or damage), cost, charge or other expense or liability arising directly or indirectly from any negligence or breach of the Contract which exceeds the amount payable by the Exhibitor under the Contract.
(ii) any claim brought against the Organiser must be notified to the Organiser in writing within 6 months of
the close of the UKCGF Event.
13. Copyrights and Patents
a) The Organiser will not be liable for any loss or damage the Exhibitor, their employees, contractors or agents may sustain in respect of the infringement of any of their copyrights arising out of his participation in the
b) Any item brought into the Exhibition by the Exhibitor may be subject to confiscation or other action by the local authority, trading standards, third parties or other bodies if those items breach local law or breach the intellectual property, rights of third parties orotherwise.
14. Rights of the Organiser and the Landlords The Organiser and the Landlords and those authorised by them respectively have the right to enter the Exhibition premises and the Exhibitor’s stand in particular at any time to execute work, repairs and alterations or for any other purposes. No compensation will be payable to an Exhibitor for damages, loss, costs, charges or other inconvenience so caused.
15. Security
a) The Exhibitor shall (before, during and after the Exhibition) remain responsible at all times for the Exhibitor’s property and belongings. The Organiser cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to Exhibitors’ or others property at any time. Exhibitors should take all possible precautions to minimise loss or damage to equipment and property. For the purposes of this clause ‘Exhibitor’s property’ means the property of the Exhibitor and the property of its employees,agents and contractors.b) The Exhibitor will strictly comply with all conditions and instructions relating to security matters generally given by the Organiser and/or the Landlords and the Organiser reserves the right at any time to give
(whether through itself or the Landlord) the Exhibitor or any Co-exhibitor or contractor or third parties mandatory instructions regarding such matters if the fire brigade, police department or the Landlords or the Organiser itself deem it necessary in the interests of
public order and safety.
c) During the Exhibition should the Exhibitor become aware of any person acting suspiciously or of any suspicious unattended packages, the Exhibitor shall advise an Exhibition steward immediately.
16. Health & Safety
a) Exhibitors are required to familiarise themselves with and conform with all appropriate health and safety requirements, regulations or by-laws of any government or statutory body or any local authority in force at the time of the Exhibition, as well as any
general conditions of the Landlord applicable to the Exhibitor and/or its staff, contractors and agents.
b) The Landlords will provide firefighting equipment to meet local regulations for the overall layout of the
c) Exhibitors must comply with any reasonable requests from the Organiser and the Landlord relating to the safety, hygiene and admittance of the public to their stand.
d) Smoking of any kind, including the use of E-
Cigarettes, is strictly prohibited anywhere inside the Exhibition venue.

17. Booking & Payment Terms

a) Following a successful application for Stand Space via initial email 
and acceptance of these Terms when pay the Organiser will reserve the Stand Space for the Exhibitor and providethe Exhibitor with an event e-Invoice (in the form of a PDF) via email when you book via ticket tailor online.

The return of any monies due from the Organiser to the Exhibitor as a result of reduction or cancellation of Stand Space will be made within 30 days of the cancellation invoice/credit note being issued.

20. Stand Space Not Occupied
a) Every Exhibitor shall occupy the full Stand Space area booked by them. Should an Exhibitor fail to take up the
Stand Space allocated to him, the Organiser reserves the right to deal with the Stand Space so unoccupied as
they think fit.
b) If an Exhibitor fails to occupy the Stand Space booked by them by the time required on the day of the event
the Organiser reserves the right to reallocate or cancel the Stand Space as they see fit. No refund will be given to the Exhibitor in this instance.
21. Costs Incurred by Exhibitor
The Organiser reserves the right to charge the Exhibitor additional charges for any extra facilities made available to the Exhibitor by the Organiser and/or the Landlord. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser against all such costs incurred.
22. Termination of the Contract Should (a) an Exhibitor, being an individual or firm, become bankrupt or make any arrangements with his or
their creditors or, being a limited company, go into liquidation (other than a voluntary liquidation for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction) or have a Receiver appointed; or
(b) an Exhibitor breach any provision of these Terms; or
(c) an Exhibitor fail to pay any money due on the due date; or
(d) the Organiser have cause to believe that the financial standing of the Exhibitor has materially deteriorated in circumstances where the Organiser
believes the ability of the Exhibitor to meet upcoming payments or fulfil their obligations to the Organiser is in
jeopardy; then the Contract with such an Exhibitor shall at the Organiser’s election terminate forthwith, save that all rental paid shall be forfeited and the balance of the whole of the sum payable under the Contract shall become due and payable forthwith and such termination shall be without prejudice to any claim of the Organiser against the Exhibitor in respect of any prior breach.
23. Verbal Agreements Any verbal agreements concerning any aspect of the Contract or the Exhibition are not valid unless confirmed in writing by all parties. 

24. Discretion of the Organiser Any decision or opinion which is made or given by the Organiser in connection with these Terms shall be made
or given in the Organiser’s entire discretion and shall be final and binding in the absence of manifest error.
25. Confidentiality The Exhibitor shall during and after termination or expiry of the Contract keep confidential all information acquired from the Organiser, which is not in the public domain, which becomes known to the Exhibitor in connection with the Contract.
26. Assignment The Exhibitor shall not assign the Contract.
27. General
a) If any of the provisions set out in these Terms shall be found by a court to be void and/or unenforceable but would be valid and/or enforceable if some part thereof were deleted or the duration, extent or application altered or reduced, such provision shall apply with any such modification as may be necessary to make it valid and effective.
b) The Organiser shall be entitled to use the name and any relevant logo of the Exhibitor (or any Co-exhibitor) in connection with the Exhibition, (or any future Exhibition or related activity), in any promotional literature or media, or for any other reasonable use (and shall procure that any Co-exhibitor grants) any such licence as may be required to give effect to the use by the Organiser.
c) For the avoidance of doubt, the Exhibitor has no right to use the UKCGF name or logo in any form without
the prior written consent of the Organiser.
d) Each right or remedy of the Organiser under the Contract is without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the Organiser whether under the Contract or otherwise.

e) Failure or delay by the Organiser in enforcing or partially enforcing any provision of the Contract shall not be considered as a waiver of any of its rights under the Contract.
f) Any waiver by the Organiser of any breach by the Exhibitor or any default of the Exhibitor shall not be deemed a waiver of a subsequent breach or default.
28. Third Party Rights For the avoidance of doubt:
a) the parties hereto may by agreement rescind or vary this Contract without the consent of any third party.b) no party may unilaterally rescind this Contract other than in accordance with its terms.

c) No party other than the Exhibitor or Organiser may enforce any rights under this Contract.
29. Jurisdiction
These Terms are governed by English Law. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English
I have read and agree to be bound by these Terms when I book via the booking link.


UKCGF/Enchantment Events UK Lltd

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